Chalk board stencil

Chalk board stencil

to further heighten the size and color of the herringbone chest, I created a 4′ canvas of black chalk board paint, outlined in a fun stencil i designed the night before the show.

because i did not want the area to be too dark,  white chalk was randomly applied freestyle all over the paint and then erased to soften the effect.

my first thought was to apply this technique on all three walls above the chair rail. `while I still believe that effect would have been equally as effective, it was not quite the look i was going for.

quick tip:   chalkboard paint comes in a limited color palette, so if you need a custom color mix 1 cup sanded grout to 10 cups paint.  apply with a brush or roller, then sand before writing on it.

the ceiling medallion was a quick $25.00 fix to a contemporary plug in pendant that needed punctuating.  i found it at Habitat’s Restore.  we cleaned it, painted the center in white, the outer edges in a soft blue and then placed 1/4″ silver nail heads a  single file around the perimeter of the edges.  the medallion is actually a light weight styrofoam material made to resemble a porthole with a shutter inserted.  the ridges of the shutter created a noticeable pattern of movement.