i found the perfect little jewelry box for your vanity or dressing area ladies.   it cleverly expands to offer more storage for your goodies and it’s lined wit felt to soften the interior.  i’ve been asked more than once by clients have i seen any cute little jewelry boxes during my shopping trips so now i have the answer for them.  this espresso stained and lacquered wood box at vital wares has 4 separate compartments to keep you organized.

repose storage box by umbre

repose storage box by umbra

the umbra repose storage box measures 24″ x 18″ with plenty of room for fine jewelry.

my E+O: protect it from splashing H20 by cutting a piece of 1/4″ glass 25″ x 18″,  with a 1″ bevel.  raise the glass off the vanity approximately 1″ and place the box on top.  have the glass company fashion a stand for you in glass.  most companies are extremely creative and can work with you on a design.  I use carolina bevels on south blvd, charlotte.  they always come through for me.  try your local custom iron company for design ideas too.

Open storage box

Open storage box

sure you could just buy the box and place it on the counter; but I say why not go the extra distance and make it a featured item in your bathroom.