even when saving money is the objective, great and mighty things can be achieved. Housing Works hosted the fifth annual Design On A Dime. ticket and furniture sales from 46 designer vignettes raised big money at the benefit’s opening night at new york’s metropolitan pavilion.

Mark-Stephan Design

can’t you just imaging sipping a glass of wine in this space with your very best friends before hitting the club scene?  i don’t care what they say on bravo tv’s the fashion show…black is the new black as evidenced in this space. tee-hee!

black on black on natural with just a touch of red

black on black on natural with just a touch of red

you have to visit the original article in the interior design magazine for images of some of the other spaces in this gala.  the event was held from may 7-9, bringing in $600,000!  beautiful!  even images of the president became part of the design. read  more here.

no one should have to abandon good design just to look wonderful.