and the beat goes on for the design project i mentioned in an earlier post “bare naked walls” .

the painting is complete.  still a very neutral  color by pratt and lambert that warms the room, adds a hint of color and satisfies the husbands love of neutral tones.  the wife conceded.  her affinity to color will be realized in the furnishings and art.

also in the image below, the wallpaper within the custom molding has been installed.  it’s a textural combination of green, gray and blue. again neutral but warm.  drapes to follow shortly will pick up the grayish blue tones.

grasscloth walls as alternative to framed art

as with all grass cloth papers, the seam is apparent.  the lighter color in the middle is also a natural variation you will find in this material. shopping for the wallpaper on line gave the client a better price break.  although a shade off in color it still works with the design plan.

i’m shopping for accessories and furniture this week. so i should have a post  in about two weeks for ya.  as my two and a half year old niece says, “i love it” when a plan comes together!  it’s going to be fabulous!