this is a quick fix, architectural detail, that resolves the problem of bare naked expansive walls, common in 2 story family rooms.

it’s common in new homes (at least in the southeast) to have an open floor plan where the kitchen and the family room open as one unit.  it’s also common to have the foyer, dining room and study/living room spill into this same area. this type of floor plan is a big selling point for buyers; however, once they are living in the space they are floored (tee-hee! get it?).  they have no idea how to dress, uh-hum, address those bare walls. (don’t worry, i won’t quit my day job)

case in point. my clients, the Robinsons (names have been changed to protect the innocent), needed to fill up two massive walls at 17′ high and make it flow with the rest of the house. our focus in this writing is on the fireplace wall.

as you see for the sketch below, i decide to extend the existing trim (or molding if you prefer) features of the bookcases up 5′ and over the fireplace; thus creating one complete unit. the idea is too make it look like it was built-in with the original plan and not an add on.

bare naked interior wall before adornment

what a beautiful, uncomplicated, simple, no frills idea!  and my clients loved it!

if you are handy with wood working or basic carpentry skills and you have the right tools then you can easily cut and install the trim yourself (i know, easy for me to say).  the client hired Shy’s  Design and Construction company to do this job.  primed wood was spec’d since the trim will be painted white to match the existing trim.

first stage of trim installation

inside the trim and on the back of the bookcase walls we will hang a beautiful neutral tone grass cloth with a hint of blue to give it that wow factor and it will also tie in similar colors that we’ll put in the dining room.

there’s lots more going on with this client so i’ll share pics as the projects progresses. so, don’t be shy (oops, i did it again) about adding molding and trim features in your home to solve your interior design dilemmas.

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