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chalk anyone

chalk anyone

in an earlier post i showed you a simple, fun and abbreviated way to use black chalkboard paint in a room.  well, i found this room on the project nursery blog and loved how daring they were to use black on all the walls.  way cool!


Chalk board stencil

Chalk board stencil

to further heighten the size and color of the herringbone chest, I created a 4′ canvas of black chalk board paint, outlined in a fun stencil i designed the night before the show.

because i did not want the area to be too dark,  white chalk was randomly applied freestyle all over the paint and then erased to soften the effect.

my first thought was to apply this technique on all three walls above the chair rail. `while I still believe that effect would have been equally as effective, it was not quite the look i was going for.

quick tip:   chalkboard paint comes in a limited color palette, so if you need a custom color mix 1 cup sanded grout to 10 cups paint.  apply with a brush or roller, then sand before writing on it.

the ceiling medallion was a quick $25.00 fix to a contemporary plug in pendant that needed punctuating.  i found it at Habitat’s Restore.  we cleaned it, painted the center in white, the outer edges in a soft blue and then placed 1/4″ silver nail heads a  single file around the perimeter of the edges.  the medallion is actually a light weight styrofoam material made to resemble a porthole with a shutter inserted.  the ridges of the shutter created a noticeable pattern of movement.

every tween or teenage girl wants a place to hang out with her girlfriends. I believe that space should also motivate, inspire and encourage them to dream big! what better way to make this happen than with the right combination of colors, texture and materials.

dreaming of the concept for my designer room at the 49th Southern Spring Home and Garden Show was so much fun. to include design elements for all styles, i strategically blended a traditional rug, chest and mirror with the clean contemporary lines of the lighting and upholstery.

old hollywood depicted in glamorous ways is so N right now with young girls that I had to include a print of audrey hepburn. i purchased this one with a fuchsia background on-line from All Posters for less than ten bucks. To present it with a burst of energy i paired it with a heavy ornate frame painted in wild pumpkin orange. If you don’t have an old frame laying around, visit your local thrift store for a real bargain and then work your E+O magic. install the print so that the center is approximately 65″ from the floor, which is average eye level.

to create a since of informality and whimsy, i mounted white and magenta uncomplicated frames on both sides of audrey, in a random pattern. shop at Target and Michaels for similar frames at a reasonable price. now, for the cool and creative part. you can make almost anything into art by framing it. i tore out colorful images of jewelry, stilettos and figurines from teen magazines to provide that feminine touch inexpensively. i also added a couple of smaller prints with inspiring quotes printed in fun colors.

the next post, i’ll continue the discussion on wall and ceiling features that won’t break the bank, but are high on style and imagination.

by the way, for the 2nd straight year, I received the “Best Of Show” award for Interior Design at the Spring Show.  ( yea me – okay 2 much disney channel with my 2 year old).  on a serious tip, it was no easy task since all eight IDS designers had fabulous rooms.