penny law

penny law

my name is penny law and i’ve been a designer for the past 30 years but getting paid for it the past 8!  that’s when i launched PCL Interiors, a thriving, full service interior design studio located in charlotte, north carolina.  i turned a hobby into a business i truly enjoy.  i create real designs for real people and i’m committed to designing comfortable, beautiful and timeless interiors for my clients.

you don’t have to spend a lot of money on “good design”.  you just have to make it look like you did!  the trick is mixing in a few well chosen, higher end pieces with those you can find at your local shops, thrift stores and consignment stores or from your personal stash.  i’m a big fan of using what you have in a fresh and exciting way.

this blog is an avenue for me to demonstrate how this can be done with a little creativity.  i’ll use projects i’ve actually worked on for clients or if i see some item, article or design of special interest i’ll share that with you as well.

together, we’ll explore ways to take the

Ordinary to the Extraordinary ( E+O).